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I’m Steven Vassallo from


For as long as I can remember I have loved the outdoor life and been a keen fisherman. Over the years I have observed the hunting techniques of many sea creatures in my effort to become a more proficient fisherman. One sea creature took my attention above all, “the magnificent squid”, superorder Decapodiformes. This wondrous creature is what inspired me to develop the Bottoms up Multi-Tool.

Initially the Bottoms up Multi-Tool was intended just for the safe handling of fish and crabs. Now the variety of tasks this tool can accomplish with ease overwhelms even me.
I trust that you will enjoy and benefit from the tremendous BOTTOMS UP MULTI-TOOL and the diverse range of tasks it can accomplish as much as I have.

The BOTTOMS UP MULTI TOOL community is there to help one another and is a network of likeminded people creating new ideas. All constructive comments, ideas and new tasks for the BOTTOMS UP MULTI TOOL left on our web site will be greatly appreciated.

Happy working, fishing, gardening, camping and whatever else you can find to do with the Bottoms up Multi-Tool.

Steve Vassallo

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