Safety First Gutter Cleaner – Package 4



  • The main frame, nuts, bolts and washers are made from 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Fully adjustable mirror. The advantage of the mirror allows you to operate the tool and clean effectively.
  • Fully adjustable Gutter cleaning heads. (1 X 35mm and 1 X 50mm.) which can be changed according to gutter opening width. Gutter cleaning heads can be adjusted to clean both left or right. The angle of the gutter cleaning heads can be adjusted so that the operator can stand closer or further from the gutter while cleaning takes place.
  • Stainless Steel Handles come in 1 metre lengths, that can be easily extended simply by screwing each piece together. This enables you to extend the “Safety first gutter cleaner” to the required height. (Maximum height that can be safely reached is 4 lengths.)
  • THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER’s” weight with the 1-meter handle and a total of 1.4-meter height is 1.6kg while the 4.4-meter unit has a weight of 3.6kg.
  • “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” comes with two adjustable sliding hand grips on the main control handle.
  • “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” also comes with a 1 Hose connector.
  • “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” is a strong durable tool with 12 months warrantee. Replacement parts available on line.
  • When cleaning gutters with “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” it is recommended that a drop sheet be placed on the ground to easily to pick up debris.
  • Any debris left in the gutter can be cleaned with water pressure from the hose connected to the gutter cleaner. This is done by connecting the hose to the back of the 50mm cleaner head. “Hose connection is on 50mm cleaner head only.”
  • The use of safety glasses is recommended when using “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER”.
  • Using THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” means no more nasty falls off ladders or painful cuts and abrasions from cleaning the gutters with your hands.
  • This well-designed tool is will minimise scratching or damage your gutters while in use.
  • If gutter brackets are inside your gutter the “THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” will enable you to push debris
    Under the gutter bracket then buy simply tilting the handle you can resume cleaning the gutter on the other side of the bracket.
  • THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” is also the ideal tool to use for gutter inspections. This assists with gutter maintenance and checking for rust and debris build up.
  • Another benefit with THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” is that the ease of use will encourage you to clean the gutters on a regular basis. This will save money on rusted out gutters, blocked down pipes and the potential for water to flow back into the roof space which can cause damage to the ceiling and walls.
  • Owning THE ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” will mean that you will no longer need the expense of products that cover the gutter claiming to keep the gutters clean. Such products can be a temporary fix that over time will allow fine particles of dirt and debris to build up in the gutter creating the perfect environment for seed to germinate and plants to grow ultimately destroying your gutters.
  • Another advantage of the Original safety-first Gutter Cleaner is, that the tool can be safely left suspended in the gutter when user needs a break or is required to attend to another matter. NOTE: Tool must not be left unattended while hanging from gutter.
  • WARNING: Your “Safety first gutter cleaner” is made from highly conductive stainless steel. When using the “Safety first gutter cleaner” in its extended form, care must be taken of overhead power lines, lighting and other electrical devices to avoid injury.
  • NOTE: When using the “Safety first gutter cleaner” in its extended form, care must be taken when lowering the tool not to lose control or balance.
  • It is recommended that while using the Safety First gutter cleaner a drop sheet is placed under the gutters to collect debris that is being removed from gutters.
  • Are you tired of climbing those rickety ladders to see if your gutters need cleaning or your drains are being blocked, or, even if your gutters are starting to rust?
  • Are you tired of cleaning out the debris by hand and skinning your knuckles? – That’s Old School! Try the new “ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER” for that professionally cleaned look.! Wow, how much safer and easier is that.
  • Purchase our ORIGINAL SAFETY-FIRST GUTTER CLEANER, with our genuine money back guarantee. If this remarkable, outstanding tool doesn’t work for you send it back within 12 months of your purchase and we will refund your money. (should this be just for faulty parts or faulty manufacturing only. Should we consider mis use by customer etc)


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